Garden School Copenhagen

Competition 2020, 2nd Prize Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and therefore, for learning and creativity … Natural play strengthens children’s self-confidence and arouses their senses-their awareness of the world and all that moves in it, seen and unseen. Richard Louv (2013) Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from […]

Urban Confluence: Sky Park

We propose to literally take Arena Green and San José to new heights by expanding the existing park into the sky along the high way to create a high park: the Sky Park. An unprecedented experience: a public space in the sky, manifold possibilities for people to gather for many diverse activities with glorious views […]

Modern Art Museum Sharjah

The Project consists of 2 major elements complementing one another: A massive Roof provides Shade and climatic Comfort. It contains the Exhibition collection galleries, organized as overlapping corridors forming a structural lattice. Underneath the roof we propose one large multifunctional space containing: temporary exhibition, foyer, café, shop, auditorium, seminars and also exhibition and workshops. Thus, […]

Ireland House Tokyo

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik.

Guggenheim Helsinki

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik Renderings: Stefan Schreck, Berlin ‚… All is one great space on a continous floor … the net result of such construction is greater repose, an atmosphere of the unbroken wave …‘Frank LLoyd Wright about the original Guggenheim Museum in New York ‚The art world is interesting only insofar as it […]

Paracelsus Spa Salzburg

Competition 2012, 1st Prize Heike Matcha and Günter Barczikwith Farzad Akhavan, Antje Heymann and Milad Golmohammadi Structural Engineering: Bollinger and Grohmann, FrankfurtHVAC: HL Technik, MunichLandscape Architecture: Christiane Schwarz, Berlin See also the Official Annoucement, Press Articles (Salzburger Nachrichten, Bauwelt, Wettbewerbe Aktuell, DETAIL), News Videos (Austrian National Television and Salzburger Nachrichten). Exhibited at the MoMA / New York, Museum der Moderne / Salzburg and Ars Electronica […]

20th Century Museum

Competition 2015 Heike Matcha and Günter Barczikwith Timo Treuner Exhibited at the Berlin Culture Forum, February & March 2016. Renderings: Stefan Schreck, Berlin

New Art Museum Tampere

Competition 2017 Project Team: Heike Matcha, Günter Barczik Renderings: Darstellungsart, Erfurt

MALI Museum Lima

The archive is that which is excluded from circulation in the present moment, but which could begin to circulate at any time. (Jürgen Fohrmann) 1. Museum as random-access memory deviceA random-access memory device allows data items to be accessed in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the […]

Multihalle Mannheim

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik.

Informationszentrum Deutscher Bundestag

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik.

Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Competition 2011 Heike Matcha, Anne Wening and Günter Barczik

Setubal Library

Competition 2013 Heike Matcha, Anne Wening and Günter Barczikwith Tomás Forjaz and Anne Groß Structural Engineering: Bollinger and Grohmann, FrankfurtHVAC: HL Technik, MunichRenderings: Stefan Schreck, Berlin

Science Museum Berlin

Competition 2012 Heike Matcha and Günter Barczikwith Farzad Akhavan Landscape Architecture: Christiane Schwarz, BerlinStructural Engineering: Fast + Epp, FrankfurtHVAC: HL Technik, Munich

Concert Hall Raiding

Franz Liszt Konzertsaal Raiding, Österreich I WettbewerbFranz Liszt Concert Hall Raiding, Austria I Competition

Taipei Art Museum

Competition 2011 Heike Matcha and Günter Barczikwith Farzad Akhavan, Borja Gonzàlez Ferrer-Vidal and Christopher Jarchow Art Consultancy: Yvonne Wahl, BerlinLandscape Architecture: Christiane Schwarz, BerlinStructural Engineering:  Bollinger and Grohmann, FrankfurtHVAC:  HL Technik, Munich

Timmendorfer Strand

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik.

Skyscraper Study

Hochhausstudie Sao Paulo I WettbewerbSkyscraper Study Sao Paulo I Competition

Symphonie Warschau

Symphonie Warschau | Wettbewerb 2010Warsaw Symphony | Competition 2010 Published in a book about the competition and temporarily exhibited at Warsaw’s current symphony centre.

Lakeside House Project

Project in cooperation with Jens Casper Design team: Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik with Jens Casper, Max Dzembritzki, Borja Gonzàlez Ferrer-Vidal

Solar House

Solarhaus Studie I WettbewerbSolar House Study I Competiton mit Anne Wening

Konzerthaus Nürnberg

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik.

Sports Hall Wattens

Sporthalle Wattens, Österreich I WettbewerbSports Hall Wattens, Austria I Competition mit Anne Wening

Exhibition Monastery Rheine

800 Years of Crosiers, Exhibition Design, Bentlage Monastery, Rheine800 Jahre Kreuzherren Orden, Ausstellungsarchitektur, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine Museumsstiftung Rheine Alle Photographien von Christoph Rokitta.

Berlin Library

Bibliothek Berlin I WettbewerbLibrary Berlin I Competition mit Anne Wening und Büro Happold, Berlin

Photographer’s Loft Berlin

mit Anne Wening