Digital Origami Reloaded : Prototype

For display at the Exhibition 'Architekturteilchen – Modulares Bauen im digitalen Zeitalter' at the MAKK Cologne we developed the ideas from the Digital Origami trade fair stand into a more complex geometry with a more powerful Grasshopper Definition.

Heike Matcha and Günter Barczik with Farzad Akhavan.

The Grasshopper Definition was developed by Ante Ljubas.
The Model was built by Rüdiger Karzel's students in cologne.

Watch the Production Video.

Publications about the Exhibition: Monopol, BauNetz, Stylepark

Original vault transformed.  

Interior View.  

Final Prototype at Exhibition.  

Final Prototype at Exhibition. Photo © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln

Final Prototype at Exhibition.  

Machine Cutting of parts.  

Cutting out individual parts.  

Folding individual pieces.  

Assembling the Geometry.  

Assembling the Geometry.  

Transformation into Yoshimura Fold.  

Grasshopper Definition